Paul Vasterling-Nashville Ballet Choreographer

Paul Vasterling | Dancing Out Loud

Paul Vasterling, artistic director of the Nashville Ballet, had a sense of where his life would take him. He would dance; he would create stunning choreographed movements that would speak volumes in the silent landscape of ballet.

The Amun Ra Theatre | Walking in the Light!

Actors, directors, writers or even tech virtuosos, whatever the discipline, have all been known to start theater companies, and the reason is always the same. Something is missing on the boards, and they ha...

Barry Scott | A Man For All Seasons

“I have more directing credits under my belt the past five years than acting credits,” says Barry Scott. That’s saying something, given that Scott is arguably Nashville’s finest actor and clearly Music Cit...

Theater | Grab the People’s Branch and Hang On!

Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” People’s Branch Theatre, founded by visionary artist Brian Niece in 2000, has established itself as Nashville’s professional progressive theatre...

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