Robert McCurley Majestic Moves

by Robert Hicks My first encounter with belly dancing came in the third grade, at my elementary school Halloween Carnival. It left something to be desired. Since then, I have sat through belly dancing in Ist...

DancEast: The Pure Joy of Dance

DancEast instructors (Masters, co-owner Lauren Melancon, and Whitley Hill) forgo the dance school tradition of competition and performance based on a recital piece. Instead, they build what one parent describes as a “community of adults and children that love dance, creativity, and learning.” This is not external presentation but internal development and expression.

Dance Theatre of Tennessee | From the Ground Up

Ballet, despite its origins as the dance of royalty and not of the masses, is an art form that speaks to everyone. It is pure story-telling theatre but without words. Ballet is quite simply what feelings lo...
Paul Vasterling-Nashville Ballet Choreographer

Paul Vasterling | Dancing Out Loud

Paul Vasterling, artistic director of the Nashville Ballet, had a sense of where his life would take him. He would dance; he would create stunning choreographed movements that would speak volumes in the silent landscape of ballet.